Our Foundation Cats

Our Foundation Cats have come from the very best possible Havana breeding lines. In fact, their combined genetic loads represent material from the predominant lines in the US, current or past. 

Our foundation male, Zeke, is from the former Xocol Cattery in Alabama. He is one of the last Havana Brown kittens produced by Shelly Ducharme and Frank O’Conner.  It is a great honor to have him, as a Sire and a beloved pet. His Sire is a Grand Champion, Breed Winner, and National Champion.  Zeke’s dam is a Champion, with Grand Champions and Regional Winners in her pedigree. 

Currently, Zeke is a Grand Champion.  He achieved the distinction of Best Havana Brown Kitten in CFA Region 6 last year, as well as a Best Havana Brown in Championship ranking.  And, at the CFA International show in 2018, Zeke was judged Best Havana Brown in Championship within his show. 

Our foundation queen, ComposerCat Lady Day of 5-Acre Farm, was bred by our dear friend and mentor LeAnn Rupy, and her husband Bill.  Her Sire is a Grand Champion and a Regional Winner, plus he has numerous Grand Champions and Regional Winners in his ancestry.  Her Dam is a Grand Champion with numerous Grand Champions and Regional Winners in her pedigree. 

A special feature of OUR particular breeding program: since the days that they came to our home, both Zeke and Billie have both been raised around a 6-year-old Dalmation and a 5-year-old German Short-haired Pointer – as will their new babies who just arrived, in mid-March.  And All Parties Involved get along greatly – going beyond peaceful co-existence - to actually liking and playing with one another.  It’s all in how you raise them!!

About The Breed


In the early 1950s, a group of English cat fanciers began working together with the intent of creating a solid brown cat.  This group of breeders created the foundation of the Havana Brown cat of today by doing a planned breeding of a Seal Point Siamese and a domestic black cat.  They selectively bred a Siamese cat who carried the chocolate gene with a black cat who, also, carried the chocolate gene – and, in combination, they were, indeed, able to produce kittens with a solid, chocolate brown coloration. 

Early in the English-based breeding program, two kittens were exported to breeders in the United States.  These breeders crossed those cats, and continued to cross many of their progeny. Many out-crosses were done, as well, with Seal Point and Chocolate Siamese cats. 

And through all of these additional crossings, cats were with either solid brown or pointed coloration were created.  The US breeders agreed that they should breed to maintain the look of the original, imported cats, breeding them, specifically, for solid brown kittens and to maintain the original body type. 

This American Breed is moderate in attitude in every way; they have a rich, warm mahogany color, and they consistently produce like offspring.  


In profile, the nose/muzzle of an Havana should have a distinct stop, where it changes direction as it travels upward to the eyes.  Ears tend to be moderately large.  Males tend to be larger than females. An Havana should have no extreme features: the cat should present as attractive and moderate.  


The Havana Brown is a distinctively intelligent cat. They often use their paws to communicate with their owners.  A very curious breed, they often arrive at the door to greet visitors.  They tend to be very playful cats who, nevertheless, are not destructive, by nature. Havana Browns greatly enjoy human companionship, and they often want to be involved in day-to-day activities, becoming very attached to their families. They do not thrive when left alone for long periods.  Havana Browns are widely known as excellent travelers  - and they are rather dog-like in attitude. 

Havana Browns require very little grooming.  A gentle brushing or a wipe down with a damp cloth, once or twice a week, is usually entirely sufficient – of course, along with a good diet to support great skin and fur.  

There are no known, predominant genetic diseases for this breed.