The following questions are being asked to help us determine the right kitten for you and to give us confidence that our kittens are being placed in the best homes possible.  The placement of each kitten is made by bringing the various requirements of both the kitten and new owner into perspective.  Questions are not intended to disqualify you from being eligible but rather to help us understand your desires and to help you understand the expectations of kitten ownership. 





Are you looking for a cat or a kitten? _________________Are you hoping for one or 2?______________ 

What gender(s) are you looking for? Male or Female? Why? ____________________________________ 

Are you interested in a kitten, young adult, or retired show cat? _________________________________ 

Will this cat/kitten be kept safely indoors or in an enclosed garden only? __________________________ 

Approximately how many hours a day will this cat/kitten be at home alone? _______________________ 

What is the size of your home? ________________(relevant only to determine a more or less active cat) 

Do you own or rent your home? _______________ If your home is rented/leased, have you confirmed that cats are allowed? ___________ 

Length of time living at your current address? __________ If less than 2 years how long at previous address? _______________ 

Do you have children? _____________ If yes, what are their ages? ________________ 

What is the number of people living in your household? _______________ 

Does anyone in your home have cat allergies and if yes what is being done to manage them? _________ 

What is your occupation? _____________________ Do you travel often? _________________________ 

When you are away from home or on vacation, who will care for your cat? ________________________ 

Do you have other companion animals? ____________ If yes, tell us about them (breeds, ages, health concerns, etc. _________________________________________________________________________ 

Are your other animals sterilized? ______________ 

Are they current on immunizations? ______________ 

Who is your Veterinarian? ________________ How far is your Vet from your home? _______________ 

Have you purchased a pet from a breeder before? ___________ 

If yes do you still have that animal? _____ 

Have you ever given an animal away, returned to a breeder or given to a shelter or rescue organization? ________ 

If yes, what were the circumstances? _____________________________________________________ 

Have you ever needed to have an animal euthanized? _____________ 

If yes, what were the circumstances? ______________________________________________________ 

When are you hoping to get your cat/kitten? ________________________________ 


Have you seen a Havana Brown in person? _______________________________ _____________________________________


Have you owned a cat/kitten before? __________ 

If yes, when? _________________________________________________________________________ 

Why did you choose a Havana Brown? _________________________________________________________________________ 

Did you consider any other breed? ___________ 

  ----- If yes, what other breeds are you considering? _______________________________________ 

What type of personality/character are you looking for in a cat/kitten? ___________________________ 


Where will your new cat/kitten live and sleep? _______________________________________________ 

Who would take responsibility for this kitten if you had an emergency or were unable to provide care? 


Please tell us more about yourself and your family and why you are a good home for one of our precious brown jewels? ________________________________________________________________________ 






The purchase price for a companion Havana Brown kitten is $1,400; in addition, you are responsible for your pets' sterilization charges, plus any additional travel expenses that may be incurred. 

Pricing for the adoption of retired adult cats will be determined individually. 

***Important! Once your cat/kitten has been identified, you must, within 5 business days, place a deposit of 50%  of your total purchase price.  Otherwise,  your cat/kitten will be offered to the next interested family.  PLEASE KNOW that, if  you change your mind, ONLY HALF of your deposit will be returned.  It's EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you are certain about wanting to adopt this animal!**** 

Deposits can be made via check or cash. 

Your total purchase price includes vaccinations, micro-chipping, a travel carrier, a  breeder pedigree and a full set of CFA Registration documents.  For an additional $50,  we will provide new owners who must fly with their pets with a flight-approved, Sturdi brand, travel carrier. 

All companion animals must be sterilized. The cost of the actual procedure costs (Vet receipt provided) will  be assessed in addition to the purchase price.  

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All companion animals must be sterilized, and the fee charge represents the ACTUAL procedural price (Vet receipt provided), and that fee is charge in addition to the animal purchase price.  

Please join our COMPOSERCAT HAVANA BROWN community on Facebook -  to see photos of our Havana Browns and their great owners!