Jim is a retired police sergeant and a gardening specialist; Rod is a retired health and medical writer/editor, and a substitute teacher.

During our 39 years together, we've owned many cats, always enjoying from one to three of the older, traditional "apple-headed" Siamese babies.  As our last group of Siamese aged out in 2017, we began to consider other breeds. 

The same year, while assisting with the Illini Cat Show in Urbana, Illinois, we met LeAnn Rupy and her most incredible Havana Browns.  During that show, she was showing a wonderful male cat named Obi - and Obi stole our hearts.

Much discussion and planning followed - and now, we own two Havana's: our foundation Stud GC, Xocal Ezequiel of 5-Acre Farm, and our lovely foundation Queen, ComposerCat Lady Day of 5-Acre Farm.  And she happens to be Obi's daughter. 

We've operated a Daylily Nursery for the last 15 years, where Jim  hybridizes new daylilies each year, and Rod is the general manager in charge of  retail sales, marketing and field maintenance.  

We've just had the great joy of bringing into this World our first litter of Havana Brown kittens, on Saturday, March 16.

The goal of our breeding program is to produce healthy, well-adjusted,  show-quality kittens who meet the breed standards set forth by the Cat Fanciers Association.