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Breeder: ___________________            Kitten Buyer: ______________________ 

Jim Wuersch / Rod Kroemer                       _________________________________ 

217-649-6711                                                _________________________________                    _________________________________ 

Kitten CFA Registration Number: 0408-_____________________ 

                                                            DOB: _____________________ 

Microchip Number: ____________________________ 

Kitten Name: _______________________________________________________ 

                        DAM: ___________________________________________________ 


                        SIRE: ____________________________________________________ 

The negotiated base price for the kitten purchase: $           - plus the actual cost of sterilization. 

This price is inclusive of immunizations, micro-chipping, travel documents (when required) and health check up by a licensed veterinarian. 

A deposit of 50% must be paid when kitten is identified; the balance is to be paid in full when the kitten is delivered/received. 

                                                  General Conditions 

The BUYER accepts the complete responsibility of providing care for this Havana Brown kitten, and for providing properly for its welfare.  The BUYER understands that, should this kitten be neglected or found to be in ill health for an unreasonable length of time, said kitten must be surrendered by The BUYER to the BREEDER, unconditionally. 
The BUYER agrees that this Havana Brown kitten will always receive prompt, quality medical care, and s/he will never be allowed to harbor parasites. 


The BUYER agrees to provide fresh food and fresh water for this kitten on a daily basis, and to never leave the cat/kitten without readily-available food for more than 12 hours. 
The BUYER agrees never to allow this Havana Brown kitten, for it’s best health and safety, to live outdoors.  Also, The BUYER understands that contact with other, outdoor animals may pose a risk to his/her health related to communicable diseases. The BUYER agrees that, if kitten is allowed outdoors, s/he will be on a lead, or s/he will be confined within a structure constructed to prevent escape or outside attack. 
The BUYER agrees UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES, EVER TO DECLAW this Havana Brown kitten.  The BUYER will provide regular nail trimming, plus easily accessible scratching posts and scratching pads.  Should issues arise with unwanted scratching, the BUYER will contact The BREEDER and their licensed veterinarian, to cooperatively discuss corrective alternatives. 
The BUYER agrees to provide daily companionship for this Havana Brown kitten, and never to leave s/he alone for extended periods of time. 
The BUYER agrees that this Havana Brown kitten will never be given, sold, or leased to any pet shop, animal shelter, research laboratory or similar facility; nor will The BUYER allow the kitten to be confiscated by any third-party Animal Rescue Agency. The BUYER agrees to notify The BREEDER, immediately, should any extenuating circumstances force them to transfer  this Havana Brown kitten to another party - and agrees, furthermore, to provide all direct contact information of the new owner, including their name, address, and phone number. 

Upon delivery/receipt, The BUYER will have a licensed veterinarian examine this kitten to verify that the kitten was delivered in good health and without defect.  Should the veterinarian have any concerns, The BUYER agrees to contact the BREEDER, immediately, to determine an appropriate course of further action.  

Any/all known health history has been disclosed, and complete medical documentation has been provided. By failing to provide an immediate health review for the kitten by a licensed veterinarian, The OWNER assumes any and all responsibility for subsequent medical care and expenses that may be incurred. 

Kitten has been previously treated at: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 

---- for the following conditions: 


Known defects, faults or health concerns: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 

Kittens are provided sterilized, micro-chipped, vaccinated and in good health --unless an accepted condition is shown above.  All known health issues or medical history have been disclosed to the BUYER, plus they have been identified, above. 

The BREEDER will replace any kitten with a diagnostically-confirmed, congenital defect. 

PLEASE NOTE: The BREEDERS strongly suggest that all kitten OWNERS should purchase pet insurance to cover expenses from all medical treatment for their kitten, associated with accidents, injuries, illness, or diagnostic testing, over the years to come.t 


The UNDERSIGNED PARTIES confirm that they have read - and fully understand - the contents and implications of this document;  and, by his/her signature, The BUYER agrees to accept the kitten, and to abide by the terms set forth. herein. 

Breeder:______________________________________   Date:________________ 

Buyer: _______________________________________   Date: ________________